Uluwatu series by Clayo Indonesia

True story of ULUWATU by Chef Sergio Satue x CLAYO

Everyone who has been to Bali will surely remember well the beauty and charm of Uluwatu. Uluwatu which is one of the charms of Bali Island. Uluwatu which is surrounded by rocks and high cliffs is its own charm, inspired by the beauty of the towering Uluwatu cliffs with beautiful relics carved by the waves CLAYO made his work by the sovereignty of SERGIO SATUE BARREIROS who is the chef and also the owner of Six Senses Kitchen – Jogja to join together to create a series of works that are authentic, fascinating and can meet the needs of every chef to present his masterpieces on tableware that Premium quality.

Tableware for chefs is a canvas to pour all their inspiration and dedication as their best form of offering. SERGIO SATUE BARREIROS Together with CLAYO created 7 essential elements that remind everyone of ULUWATU , each sculpture and texture of the ULUWATU collection brings our memories back to the Southern part of the island of Bali.