Bambu Sushi


Bamboo slats are often used for food containers very attached to Asian culture, plants that are abundant in Asia, especially in Japan, grow very quickly and are adaptable. Aside from the long lifespan of this plant and often symbolized as a symbol of humility, Speaking of Japanese gastronomy then we can’t possibly miss sushi. Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese foods in the world, just like bamboo and sushi always have their own charm, both as a food, and as a culture. CLAYO combines the two to produce an authentic and alluring work, Bamboo Sushi by CLAYO which is made to resemble bamboo slats with a choice of natural colors will be even more alluring when served with Sushi and other snacks.

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Additional information

Weight743 g
Dimensions398 × 35 mm

101,5 Milimeter


Black, Cream, Gold, Green, Navy