The most requests are for specific ones or curved containers that are the same as the tray. The increasingly popular Japanese restaurants have apparently opened a niche market.

The interest of top chefs who want exclusive dining equipment was captured by Indo Porcelain by launching Clayo. These handmade products display the panoramic beauty of the archipelago, tailored to the wishes of the customer.

Inspired by the charm of Indonesian tourist destinations, the various porcelain collection includes ‘Kemilau Sentani’, ‘Lembah Sindoro’, and ‘Pesona Maninjau’. The cup for the appetizer dish, like the ‘Awan Gunung Hawu’ variant, resembles a rose with swirling designs along the edges.

Similarly, “Tirta Sudamala” is an asymmetrical triangle cup and saucer. The porcelain includes enough space to place snacks alongside warm drinks. The elongated plate, “Elok Pikat Sagori” with non-identical sides, reinforces its uniqueness.

It is reasonable for the factory in Tangerang, Banten, to have its own unique design. Chefs from five-star hotels and restaurants who desire unique features in their equipment have taken note of Indo Porcelain’s nine-month research to release the Clayo line.

“The required model by customers can be discussed beforehand,” said Tjandra Suwarto, President Director of Indo Porcelain, in Jakarta on Tuesday (21/11/2023). The delivery of Clayo has already been realized in two bona fide hotels, located in the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) and Kuningan, Jakarta.”

Can design

Their respective order values are around Rp 200 million. Interestingly, the most sought-after items are those that are specific or have a curved container similar to a plate. The increasingly popular Japanese restaurants are actually opening up new markets, to which Indo Porcelain responded by producing “Bamboo Sushi”.

Not just mini portions of rice filled with salmon, cucumber, or fish eggs wrapped in seaweed, Indo Porcelain aligns its innovation with sashimi, wasabi, and pickles. Each curve is not exactly the same as sporadic brush strokes, but the format is anything but monotonous.

“We have never produced handmade items. So far, Indo Porcelain makes, customers choose. “Now, they can design,” said Tjandra. Buyers also don’t worry that the ceramics are finished because they are made with a satin finish.

“That means no scratches like when cutting bread with a knife. After discussion, we applied anti-scratch. “You can also choose the colors,” said Tjandra. He observed segmented gaps which he termed niche markets.

“Apparently, the kitchen management does not want their equipment to be the same as elsewhere. They know better than the owners. We will fulfill their input,” he said.

Indo Porcelain has also established a special production line to prepare Clayo.

Limited quantity
“Thus, it does not interfere with other massive works. If it is hindered, it will be chaotic. So, a separate area is provided,” said Tjandra.

Clayo can be directly observed in stores that sell Indo Porcelain tableware or by inviting their staff for a consultation.

“The theme of the natural beauty of the homeland was chosen because of its elegance. Thus, reflecting the stunning geography. We also support the market with its trends,” said Tjandra.

Another completed collection by Clayo includes “Giri Salaka”, “Telaga Warna”, “Svarga Bumi”, “Pasir Berbisik”, and “Kuncup Puspa Nusa”.

General Manager of Indo Porcelain, Windya Martilova, stated that the price of Clayo is in the range of Rp 250,000 to Rp 350,000 per unit. “The quantity we usually produce is large, but Clayo can be made in limited amounts or starting from only 50 units,” she said.

A discount of around 30 percent is also applied temporarily, bringing the price to IDR 180,000-IDR 250,000 per unit. “Plates, bowls and cups are equipped with saucers like that. “We are looking to reach the market,” said Windya.

The owner and chef of Sixsenses Restaurant in Yogyakarta, Sergio Satue, appreciates Clayo’s high standards. “The results are very creative for contemporary fine dining (formal style dining). “Moreover, Indo Porcelain, with its large capacity, understands the chef’s suggestions,” he said.

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